I’ve been playing with shiny value thing lately and I got plenty of shiny pokemon buuuuuuut I only wanted to get a croagunk and froakie so I’m giving away the rest of them :P And also when I have too many shinies their value drops… >_< + Christmas is coming + I don’t have time to make art so I’m doing a giveaway to compensate the fact that I won’t post anything new soon C’:

So I have 9 pokemon in this giveaway (no art for diglett because I got it today):

  1. 3 eevee (two male and one female - only one of them (male one) can have its name changed) (they have 4/5 IVs - female is almost flawless)
  2. froakie (male, 3 IVs, nickname - yes)
  3. mienfoo (female 4 IVs nickname - no)
  4. zubat (female 4 IVs nickname - yes)
  5. murkrow (female 3 IVs nickname - yes)
  6. diglett (male 2 IVs nickname - yes)
  7. and ralts (male 5 IVs nickname - no)

I’m not going to come up with my own rules, I’m doing this giveaway the same way as everyone:

  1. Reblog/like this post as many times as you want
  2. I’m going to pick 8 winners on 25th of December (using random number generator, so don’t spam my askbox with stuff like ‘pick me because I don’t have a shiny yet’), the first place will get two shiny pokemon and the next places will be able to pick one shiny, last place will get what’s left (diglett? :P )
  3. the winners will have 10 days to reply to me after I sent them a message
  4. Perhaps I could come up with more rules but it’s almost 1 a.m. here so my brain doesn’t want to work the way it supposed to….zzz

P.S. All of this shinies are 100% legit, they were bred by me and hatched by person with matching sv or given to me by a person who had an egg with my sv C:

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